I work short term (6 weeks) and long term (open ended).

Sessions last for 1 hour and cost £55.


When our relationships are working, we feel we can face anything but when misunderstandings and difficulties arise the world can seem bleak and we can feel alone.

Pressures of modern life put a strain on our time and resources. Inevitably those closest to us bear the brunt of this.

This is when communication becomes the most important and at the same time the most difficult thing to manage. 

Couples therapy can provide a safe, neutral environment to explore and discover coping strategies and understanding of each other’s position, whether it is for a parting of the ways or creating a path through this mine field of emotions to a closer bond with your partner. 

Making a positive ending out of a negative situation. 

Initial consultation 1.5hrs and subsequent sessions 1 hour. Cost £65. 


As a mother and as a certified Adolescent Counsellor (IATE) I have some understanding and experience of the teenage years.

Adolescence is a particular life stage fraught with challenge and change – changes occurring in the body, changes in allegiance to the peer group and less to the family, changes in testing boundaries, curiosity in risk taking behaviours that can include experimenting with drugs and alcohol; a window of development that straddles childhood and the beginnings of adulthood.

For most young people this is not a smooth ride. Studies in neuroscience show the adolescent brain is at its most creative. It is a time of intensity and of expression. The child you thought you knew can suddenly change into a moody monosyllabic teenager!

With all these internal changes and the external pressures, adolescence can be a tricky time for everyone.

Using a creative form of therapy (play/art therapy) can allow the young person to explore their ideas and express themselves in a safe way.

Sometimes young people lack the vocabulary for their lived experience. By using different mediums that enhance right brain activity (the creative side) it is possible for unconscious material and personal information to be expressed through metaphor. This allows more freedom and ownership of the process without cramping emerging ideas or shaming tentative emotional expression. 

My role is to be alongside the young person to provide a containment for such exploration in a safe non-judgemental way.

This can be a challenging time for parents and caretakers. 

I work collaboratively with the family whilst respecting the young person’s confidentiality.

Sessions last 1 hour and cost £55.